Individual and team coaching

Coaching is available for individual players who want to improve their game, as well as teams who want to develop their group skills and team strategies. If required we can organise several coaches to work with a team, enabling a range of different aspects to be covered in a single session. Our sessions are geared to your needs.

Excellent facilities

Westland Cricket Academy has everything necessary to ensure that your coaching session is as good as it can be. In addition to bowling machines, pitches, nets, speed radar guns, stumps and bowling targets, we also have bats and protective equipment available for use by players if required (although you’re welcome to bring your own pads or gloves etc if you prefer). We have a number of different sizes on offer, so players will have the kit they need to play safely and effectively, regardless of their shape or size.

$280 per child

8 x 1-hour sessions

3 children per group


  • Children participate in skill drills and fun challenges.
  • Our aim is to develop their batting, bowling and fielding skills in a fun environment.
  • Ensure the children are enjoying the activities, so their interest in cricket develops.
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$160 per child

All children will be coached on ability.
Sessions developed to the group’s needs.

8 x 1-hour sessions,

Minimum 8 children


  • Fun and exciting sessions.
  • Teach the fundamental techniques of batting, bowling & fielding.
  • The children learn how to play cricket matches.
  • We believe in long term development of each child.
  • Taught by caring and patient coaches.
  • Tennis balls and soft balls are used in these sessions.


  • Suitable for junior cricketers who are playing U10s, U11s & U12s club cricket
  • In these classes, the cricketers learn correct batting technique.
  • The young players also learn to bowl with a correct action (both pace and spin).
  • Fielding and fitness sessions are introduced.
  • Hard balls are used in these sessions.
  • Taught by caring and patient coaches.


  • Suitable for junior cricketers who are playing Representative or District cricket.
  • In these classes, we teach advance batting, bowling & fielding techniques.
  • Match scenarios are run on the field & in the nets.
  • Strength and fitness are given more priority with this group.
  • Hard balls are used in these sessions.
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$720 per child

8 x 1-hour sessions


  • 1-on-1 private cricket coaching programmed to the needs of the player.
  • We can help fix all aspects of batting (front foot attacking play, hitting along the ground, playing spinners, running between the wickets).
  • Correction of actions for pace and spinners bowlers.
  • Strength and fitness for all players.
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$350 per child

10 x 1-hour sessions


  • Batting, bowling and fielding activities for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.
  • Batting exercises include positioning, grip and stance, front and back foot defence and drive.
  • Bowling exercises include pace and spin drills, target bowling and field placement.
  • Fielding exercises include midrange and outfield catching, field movement and throwing.
  • Full program available upon request.
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